Beautiful Noise-12-Building Symphony-Video-01.jpg

"Darwin Building Symphony" : A Video Artwork by Huishu Jia featuring the music of Ryan Cockerham

Premiere : "Left Field and Luscious" @ London Short Film Festival 2013

Additional Screenings:

Beautiful Noise, Royal College of Art - Henry Moore Gallery (London UK)

Videocidade e Urgencia, Olha da Rua (Rio De Janeiro, BR)


Huishu Jia collaborated with videographer Nauan Barrios, choreographer Lucia Tong, and composer Ryan Cockerham to develop a simulation of a "musical" world in which pedestrians create a diverse and aestheticized sonic backdrop through the patterns of their footfalls on varying surfaces. The musical "score" created for this piece was developed by analyzing traffic patterns within the Royal College of Art and the specific physicality and gait of the dancers used to produce the film.