The Shadow Ensemble creates a live re-scoring for "Metropolis". Created in collaboration with Fayetteville Public Television and the Fayetteville Film Fest 2017.

Texas inmate Michael Lee Ford's spectacular and heartbreaking autobiographical drawing, "Ten Minutes of Stupidity," tells the story of a haunted puppy, a dead chicken, and the painful repercussions of a single choice. This piece, shot by Dave Anderson and guest-directed by multi-talented filmmaker/musician Amman Abbasi, is a first for the Oxford American: a short film inspired by and based upon a piece of folk art.

Music: Amos Cochran

String Arrangements: Ryan Cockerham


Kou / Mi is a concept draft for a commercial / retail installation designed by Interaction Design teams at the Royal College of Art. The primary objective of the installation was to create a hybrid sensory experience for consumers that would lead to increased beverage sales in retail chains. 

The soundscape derived for the installation was created by Ryan Cockerham.

3rd film in the iPhone Dance Series by Jonathan Watkins Featuring Isabella Boylston Music- Primary Series by Ryan Cockerham ( Violin, Er-Gene Kahng ( Director, Choreographer and Editor Jonathan Watkins #iphonedanceseries

An exploration of pedestrian movement as its own form of musical exchange.  This particular collaboration was inspired by the writings and artistic work of John Cage, who argued that music can exist in the most unlikely of places.

A project for the Royal College of Art by: Huishu Jia.

Music: Ryan Cockerham / Director: Nuan Barrios



In Visible is the first collaboration between composer / sound artist Ryan Cockerham and Rob Olins, sculptor. Situated in the entry pavilion of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, this installation creates a modified sonic "reality" for passersby which inevitably challenges their own visual and audio sensory mechanisms. 

EXHIBIT Senior Project Class of 2015 Conservatory of Dance Purchase College, SUNY CHOREOGRAPHY: Ezra Goh MUSIC: '090114' by Ryan Cockerham 'Estuarine' by Loscil 'Khanamoot' by Loscil 'Rorschach' by Loscil Voices by Dancers LIGHTING DESIGN: Damani Pompey COSTUME DESIGN: Ezra Goh (with assistance from Sue Monroe) PROPS DESIGN: Ezra Goh & Sue Monroe PERFORMED BY: Anthony Wyche, Christina Kotsopoulos, Julia Alden Phillips, Kendia Bennett, Paul Giarratano, Sarah Lapinsky, Umi Akiyoshi
COSMcontrol : Celestial MIDI Controller Ryan Cockerham | Composer, Programmer Ben Davis | Astronomer

Dayveon (2017) dir. Amman Abbasi

Music: Amman Abbasi, Amos Cochran 

Strings: Ryan Cockerham

Butterfly (excerpt) - A short film by Andrej Kharjanovsky, with original music by Alfred Schnittke (arr. by Ryan Cockerham)

Er-Gene Kahng, Violin

Ben Davis, Violin

Melissa Melendez, Viola

Carrie Pierce, Cello

Adam Jackson, Electric Piano Ryan Cockerham, Synth