About Before, It Was Golden (2017)

In addition to conducting the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra for this recording, I also wrote a short work for Violin, String Orchestra and Electric Piano, entitled “Before, It Was Golden”.

This music is directly inspired by my interests in native folklore and mysticism. I imagined this music to represent a sort of pastoral situation in which individuals would come together to invoke some form of benevolent spirit or entity.

The solo violin acts as the leader of the ritual, completing complex maneuvers while the congregation occasionally “sings along” to support them in their efforts.

from Alex Ross:

“Kahng’s new recording of the Violin Concertos, with Ryan Cockerham conducting the Janáček Philharmonic, is Price’s best outing on disk to date.” 

from Albany Records:

“It is indeed a cause for excitement when two concertos by Florence Price, the first African American woman to write a symphony performed by a major U.S. Orchestra, are recorded. There are no known performances of Price's first violin concerto, but the Violin Concerto No. 2, completed in 1952 was performed posthumously by its dedicatee, Minnie Cedargreen Jemberg at the opening of the Florence B. Price School in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood in 1964. The two concertos are joined on this recording by a work for violin and orchestra by Ryan Cockerham, which is a tribute to Florence Price's home state of Arkansas.”