Price's story has been mostly lost to history, and we have this opportunity, now, to honor her legacy.  Price composed two remarkable violin concertos.  The first was completed in 1939, and her second, a single-movement concerto, was completed near the end of her life, in 1952.  Both pieces display technical virtuosity, genteel lyricism, mastery of the language of Western European classical music, while blending, inserting and asserting a clear homage to her Southern roots. 

This recording will aim to tell, through her music, the inspirational story of this remarkable woman who triumphed over the the prejudice and preconceptions of her life, and contributed richly to the American classical concerto repertoire, despite enormous barriers to her success.  

In May 2017, we - Er-Gene Kahng and myself, will be recording Price's two violin concertos with the Janacek Philharmonic in Ostrava, Czech Republic.  In addition to these works, we will also include a short contemporary composition for chamber orchestra and solo violin, titled "Before It was Golden" (2016), composed by Arkansan composer, Ryan Cockerham.  Although the focus of the album will be Florence Price's music, we hope that including a contemporary composition will provide an interesting contrast of styles, while tying the two composers together, through their Arkansan heritage. 

Funds raised here will help offset the total cost of the project, which will include: orchestra and musician fees, digitizing the handwritten, manuscript music into performable scores and parts, our travel/accommodation,  hiring a producer, recording engineer, audio-post production and recording label costs.