Things That Aren’t There (2014) - A Collaboration Between Rob Olins and Ryan Cockerham

“An ever-changing algorithmic soundscape has been constructed based on specially recorded sessions from the Ferryhill brass band. These are deconstructed into its constituent components of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Rob Olins’ configuration of the mirrors reconstructs the sound creating “audio sculptures” in space, four areas that of different sounds that combine at a single point in space.  The result will be to experience brass music in a totally unique way.”

Commissioned by the Durham International Brass Festival 2014

House of Mirrors (2013) - A Collaboration Between Rob Olins and Ryan Cockerham

The work comprises a series of acoustic mirrors and speakers that are arranged in such a way as to create a soundscape which the audience will navigate through, and as they do so they will be immersed in sounds and narratives harvested from local communities and histories.

The soundscape used for this particular installation emerged as part of intensive research into algorithmic music composition and autonomous music generators. The particular software created for this installation undertook a series of interesting tasks in real-time, including:

1.) capturing audio en situ using a series of discretely placed microphones around the building

2.) splicing and effecting captured audio and playing it back as part of a modified ‘reality’

3.) connecting to various web streams around the world and playing back audio

4.) operating a rudimentary synth engine which layered pleasing, mellow tones in a continuously randomized format underneath the audio samples used

Commissioned by the Royal British Society of Sculptors 2013