What A Start...

This year has gotten off to an amazing start.

Rob Olins and I will begin our newest installation project in Durham by working with the Ferryhill Town Band to create an algorithmic music performance software tool. We'll be taking a trip to visit them in the end of February.

Tamarin Stott and I have been finishing up our latest dance project which will be premiered at the Coronet Theatre in London between Feb. 23 - 28.

Have a listen to the music here!

A new album is also on the way with Er-Gene Kahng. More on that to come!

Also, out of the f**king blue, Rob Olins and I survived round 1 of Venice's prestigious Arte Laguna prize selection process, which is just too cool. We'll know more about whether we'll get to exhibit at this show in about two weeks.

Ryan CockerhamComment