Back ..and Forth

Just returned from an amazing adventure in the UK with old friends and new faces. Tamarin Stott brought a fabulous level of creativity and wit to our newest dance collaboration, "Scene to be Seen", which premiered at the Coronet Theatre. Each of the shows was performed to a sold-out crowd, which is always thrilling to experience!

I'll have some more clips and reviews from this show later, but for now, suffice to say, it was great! From there, I travelled north to Durham to meet up with Rob Olins to begin our development for the upcoming installation project as part of the Durham: International Festival of Brass. We had a wonderful time working with the Ferryhill Town Band, and are looking forward to putting this whole project together.  I'll share more info. as we begin to piece all of the assets together.

Up next? Death of Narrative, a new show with my girlfriend, the beautiful and lovely Er-Gene Kahng, which will feature the music of Alvin Lucier and the films of Stan Brakhage. Check it out!

Ryan CockerhamComment