"Public Environment Technology" : A Sound Installation by Ryan Cockerham Designed to Accompany Rob Olins's In Visible

Venue / Date : Royal British Society of Sculptors, April - September 2013


Taking inspiration from composers such as John Cage and Luc Ferrari as well as the recent growth of civic information visualisation, such as the City Dashboard project, the P.E.T. is both a sound artwork and civic-minded culture resource.

Created in conjunction with Rob Olins' “In Visible” exhibition at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, P.E.T's primary function is to offer visitors a glimpse into a “modified” sonic reality. Using as its foundation the acoustic mirrors designed by Olins, P.E.T creates a real-time, consistently morphing soundscape composed of real audio captured in situ as well as unpredictable “additions,” allowing audiences to hear themselves – their sonic foot print – placed into an entirely different reality.

Additionally, the P.E.T remains constantly connected to a variety of streaming cultural audio feeds around the city, all of which are injected into the fabricated environment at various times alongside pre-composed sound works, surprising interpretations of standard cultural classics and information about daily city life.