"Things That Aren't There" : A Sound Sculpture Installation by Ryan Cockerham and Rob Olins for the 2015 International Festival of Brass

Venue / Date : Durham Cathedral (Durham UK), July 2015


Sculptor Rob Olins and composer and sound artist Ryan Cockerham have collaborated with Ferryhill Town Band to create Things That Aren’t There, a sound installation inviting us to experience brass music in a totally unique way.

Using field recordings of rehearsals, performances and the "in-between" time that occurs in all professional music settings, Thing That Aren't There seeks to embody the anachronistic experience of performing "classic" music in a thoroughly modern time. How do we distance ourselves from our immediate surroundings to recreate timeless art? The fact that is possible is, in itself, a testament to the enduring power of music and, in this particular installation, the unforgettable legacy of British brass.