About “Crash” (2015)

A collaboration with UK choreographer Jonathan Watkins, Crash explores ideas of tension, ambition and human vulnerability. The music for Crash was created to mirror Watkins’ ideas of lyricism and poetry amidst a fragmented digital landscape.

Crash was named one of Dallas / Fort Worth’s Top 10 performing Arts Events of 2015 by the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

from the Fort Worth Star Telegram

“Dallas composer Ryan Cockerham’s original music pings with electronic sounds over plaintive violin and piano, giving a feeling of being disconnected and confused….No matter how well things are going, physical and emotional crashes are a recurring fact of life. Watkins’ stunning but emotionally draining work proves he’s on his way to a major career.”


About “Scene to Be Seen” (2015)

The second collaboration with Tamarin Stott, this short dance work was created as part of the Print Room (London, UK) 1898 Festival commemorating the year in which the revered venue was first opened. This work seeks to explore the various social and geopolitical turmoil of the time using as its muse the volatile world of late 19th / early 20th century social etiquette. Used in the music for this production is a snippet of one of the first “hit” musical theatre songs of this period, “I’m a Naughty Girl”


About “Work in Progress” (2013)

The first of two collaborations with Tamarin Stott, Work in Progress challenges traditional boundaries of music as an accompaniment to dance, exploring news ways in which time, persona and sound can intertwine into a fascinating hybridized form.

from Dance Tabs

“The net result was an illuminating piece, for now called Work in Progress, that looked thoroughly modern and where dance and soundtrack fused to be more than the sum of the parts.”